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Frequently Asked Questions

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Conception LED


Can I make a custom lamp?



Can you also create Custom 3D Lamps / or other products.

3. What is a cooling-off period?


4. What is a converter (inverter)?

LED Bars

5. How do I install the LED bars.
6. What are the accessories of the LED bars?

LED Business - B2B


LED line!

8. Where are the other catalogs?

LED common Questions


Where in the bathroom is the degree of protection required?

10. Wat zijn IP-codes?

LED Controllers

11. What  is EnOcean Technologie

LED Controllers and LED Dimmers

12. What is the difference between a transformer and a driver?

LED Downlights

13. How do I connect the LEDw @ re / Norled / Lumoluce Commercials?
14. What brand LED do use

LED General


Can melt or there is a risk of fire using isolation film?

16. But how does a LED work exactly?
17. Invention of LED

LED Grow Lights


LED in a greenhouse

LED Kitchen Lights

19. Wat zijn de assoires van de LED bars?

LED Lamp replacement

20. Bulb ban when something forbidden!
21. LED bulbs are suitable for existing fixtures?
22. My current lamp has a different shape or fitting than the specified choices.

LED Strip kits

23. What products are used in a LED strip set?

LED Strips

24. Manual - for shortening the LED strip

LED Wall Profiles


How can install the wall Prolies?


What types LED strips can I use for the wall profiles.

Shopping at LEDware

27. How do I shop on the site?
28. Which payment options are available?
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